Community Projects

Some of the projects completed by SNL have been done with the community as a whole in mind. Building better communities is of great importance to our company Director Simon, who is a very active member in the community space.

Recent projects completed include custom disability housing, built to NDIS high physical support level including provisions for hoists, accessible bathrooms and entrance ramps. These builds were perfectly individually suited to the clients needs.

Another of our projects currently underway is a large community housing project, this is a custom build with a mix of refurbishment to the existing heritage building and a vast new build. This 60 room building can house anywhere between 80 – 85, with large single and double rooms. A large communal kitchen, laundry and bathroom built to the highest standard, will give a home away from home feel steering away from the traditional dormitory feel.

These projects and many others are the heart and soul of Simon’s passion for giving back to the community and helping many members of the community to find their feet in a time of need.